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Our aim is simple.

We will help you gain the skills in the kitchen to make the most amazing meals at home.

We will provide you with unique & ground-breaking, step-by-step video and written recipe content.

Story behind HaloodieFoodie.com

HaloodieFoodie is a joint project run by two teachers. Haloodiefoodie and FoodieChief.

Teaching is a tough profession. We both cooked to de-stress after a hard day instructing our students, FoodieChief’s passion was so great, he decided to open an Indian restaurant in the heart of Batley, West Yorkshire (If you can sell Curries to the Guji’s in Dewsbury/Batley, you must be good!)

As educationalists, we initially shared our love for food via our instagram pages. Sadly, we have reached the limit with Instagram. Shadowbanning our unique content was the final nail in the content coffin and we are now moving to a bigger and better platform to bring you the best step-by-step video and written recipe content available online.

Cooking is about passion, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that it’s too assertive to the naked eye.

Gordon Ramsay

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