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We are grateful to partners with the following companies who share our values and support our mission.

Dawat Food aims to bring people together over warming Indian meal kits. Combining a rich Indian heritage with our proud Northern roots, we celebrate the great tradition and feasting occasions of authentic Asian food meal kits.

While Indian takeaways can be found on almost every street corner, nothing beats the labour and love of a home cooked meal. Not your everyday takeaway, Dawat meal kits provides you with the tools and know-how to create the perfect Indian feast for your closest family and friends.

Supreme Ingredients are a progressive company based in the famous curry capital of the UK, Bradford. For over 50 years, we have been proudly providing you the highest quality ingredients from around the world to help make your products the tastiest, most nutritious, and most delicious they can be. We are passionate about providing exceptional value, choice, and quality products, and our 4500 principally sourced lines prove it!

Our team of experts works hard to source the best ingredients from trusted suppliers, ensuring that each and every one of our products are the pinnacle of quality and flavour. We understand that great ingredients make great food, which is why we take the utmost care in procuring and preparing our products. From naturally grown spices to premium quality oils, from dried fruit & nuts to pulses, beans and lentils, Supreme Ingredients is your one-stop solution for quality ingredients.

Hill Farm Finest is a distinguished provider of premium Halal-aged Prime Aberdeen Angus beef and premium Lamb. Our livestock is raised in a humane environment, enjoying a grass-fed and free-range lifestyle. Our farm has a legacy of four generations of breeding excellence, and we take pride in ensuring that our animals lead happy lives.

We firmly believe that the key to producing meat that is of exceptional quality and taste is to prioritise the welfare of our animals. Our animals are granted ample space to roam and graze, are fed on a natural diet of grass and hay, and never subjected to growth hormones or antibiotics.

At Hill Farm Finest, we breed and rear our own livestock right here on our farm. This provides our customers with a genuinely traceable “farm-to-fork” experience.

Sukkur Cuisine: Before we talk about Sukkur To Go we need to go back nearly 30 years. Our origin is in event catering from onwards of 20 people to over 6000 people. We started catering without a dedicated kitchen or even pots and pans. It all started with a passion to cook proper indian food using only quality ingredients and meats. This was a time, when our chefs went from house to house and one end of the country to the other end. Chefs were expected to cook for occasions such as weddings from the family home, garage or even the basement cellar.

From the struggle of travelling house to house Sukkur Cuisine was formed with a combined experience of over 50 years of cooking. This is when we innovated the way event catering happened. We no longer travelled, all our indian food from bombay or hyderabadi biryani, naan gosht, daal chawal or daal gosht was cooked in the cleanest of kitchens focusing on quality and taste.

We express our gratitude to our essential key partners for enabling Haloodiefoodie.com to serve as a free recipe resource for the community!

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